N.K.S.W. Kompanio has been founded on the 25th of April in 2017 for the study associations of the FSS and represents the interest of the study associations. The umbrella association strives to build a bridge between the faculty board and the study associations by functioning as a meeting platform for the study associations and as a contact person when study associations have problems or questions.

N.K.S.W. Kompanio collects information from the study associations and functions as a spokesperson towards the faculty and university. N.K.S.W Kompanio has a collecting function, whenever the umbrella association signals a problem that arises in several member associations they will contact either the Assessor or the Communication Officer Student Communication. Besides that, we organise several activities to bring the students from the different studies closer together. 


The VIIth board of N.K.S.W. Kompanio from left to right:

Sven Braster                  Chief of Formal Affairs and Vice-chair
Nadine Meulmeester   Secretary
Anouk Toma                  Chair
Teun Hanraets              Treasurer
Luanne Dussel              Chief of Activities

The VIIth board

Previous boards


VIth board of  N.K.S.W. Kompanio 

From left to right:

Gwendolyn Hermans      Chief of Formal Affairs and Vice-Chair
Nora-Luca Sorée              Secretary
Iza van Blokland              Chair
Deveny de Kort                Treasurer
Sanne Westerweel          Chief of Activities



Vth board of  N.K.S.W. Kompanio 

From left to right:

Jantien IJpelaar            Chief of Formal Affairs
Daniel Danilin                 Secretary
Kirsten de Wit                Chair
Mona Tenbusch            Treasurer
Ellen van Werkhoven    Chief of Activities and Vice-chair


 IVth board of N.K.S.W. Kompanio 

From left to right:

Merel ter Mors              Commissaris of Formal Affairs
Matthijs de Graaff        Secretary and Vice-chair
Laurien Polman            Chair
Nanette de Witt            Treasurer
Thijs Moors                   Chief of Activities


 IIIrd board of N.K.S.W. Kompanio 

From left to right:

Niels Wolters                 Chief of Formal Affairs
Pepijn Burger                 Secretary
Tim von den Hoff          Chair
Frank de Groot              Treasurer
Jill Evers                        Chief of Activities and Vice-chair



 IInd board of  N.K.S.W. Kompanio 


Daphne Lenders           Chief Formal
Ella Gutteling                 Secretary
Nina Pijpers                   Chair
Jorieke Beernin             Treasurer
Jochem Carvalho         Chief Informal



 Ist board of  N.K.S.W. Kompanio 


Adbullahi Ali                 Chief Formal
Thamar Hendriks         Secretary
Thijs Onvlee                  Chair
Muriël Neeleman         Treasurer
Pim Smeets                  Chief Informal
Gaby van Loon             Chief PR



 Founding board of N.K.S.W. Kompanio 


Emma Kalberg                   Chief External
Babs Bingen                       Secretary
Berend van Deelen            Chair
Michiel van Hardeveld      Treasurer
Mesian Tilmatine              Chief Informal
Ezra Litjens                        Chief of Activities